Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my luggage and any spare clothing I might have that does not fit into the bike panniers at the start of the trip?

  • We arrange for storage of the suitcases, luggage and spare clothing at the bike rental station.
  • We encourage you to leave a change or two of clean clothes behind in your suitcase so that you can change into fresh clothing on your return.
  • Whatever you are taking along on tour needs to fit into your panniers or packing system.

What type of accommodation will we be staying in?

  • The hotels are very carefully selected and are generally smaller family run hotels.  Where possible, we try and stay away from big hotel chains.
  • The hotels are generally 3 or 4 star hotels with breakfast included each day.

Would it be possible to rent a lowered seat for my motorcycle?

  • Lowered seats can be requested and we will ensure that the seat is fitted for you when you arrive.

Do you have any references from past participants?

  • Join our facebook group “ZA BMW Bikers EU Trips and Tours”, where you will see loads of comments and photos from previous tours.
  • See the section titled “Customer Reviews” on our website.

What motorcycle gear (clothing) do you recommend for a trip like this in Europe and must I bring our own gear along with me?

  • Yes you need to take your gear with you.
  • A good rain suit is always highly recommended as generally rains a little on each tour.
  • It can be chilly at the top of the various Alpine passes and the rain suit can helps to keep the wind chill off you.
  • Boots, trousers, jacket, gloves, rain suit, neck brace (optional) and helmet need to be taken with you.
  • We will explain the best way to pack and the various airline allowances before the trip.

How big is the group per tour?

  • The group is no bigger than 32 persons.
  • This is normally approximately 15-20 bikes.
  • The bike group is broken up into smaller groups for riding during the day and all the GPS routes will be provided to you in good time.

How will I know where to go and will I get lost?

  • A GPS is essential and you need to know how it works.
  • If you don’t have one, we recommend you rent one with your bike, and we will preload the routes onto the rental GPS for you.
  • If you have your own GPS we will provide you with the routes before the tour.
  • The groups have a tendency to split up, especially in highly congested traffic areas, don’t panic just follow your GPS.
  • We will provide you with daily pamphlets detailing the hotel name, address and telephone number for that day, as well as GPS route names to follow.

Is there a backup vehicle?

  • We do not have a backup vehicle or tail vehicle on the tours.
  • All the bikes are current models in the BMW range, mostly brand new, and support is provided by BMW Motorrad-on-call.

Can my wife/girlfriend/partner/husband /children follow the tour by car?

  • Unfortunately not. It is not possible to follow by car as the routes are designed for bikes and would simply take too long to navigate by car.

What sort of distances will be covered, and what is the riding time per day?

  • We average about 350 km per day. This can vary though, depending on the tour and conditions at the time.
  • Riding time depends on the tour. On most tours we start out at 9 am and arrive at our hotel for the day at about 5 pm.

Will there be a tour briefing?

  • Yes, every morning after breakfast we talk about the route for the day, and possible alternative routes. You can decide whether to ride with the group, or go your own way on the day.