Exploring Europe on a motorcycle is fun and exciting.  From the exquisite Alpine passes with hairpin turns and switchbacks, to the majestic Pyrenees with long sweeping bends and magnificent views, to the long and lazy backcountry roads, through the forests, and down to the Dalmatian coast, the journey through Europe is spectacular.  And the destinations will leave you in awe, as you experience remote villages, medieval fortresses, grand cathedrals, busy cities and slow towns.  Our motorcycle tours are not only about the journey, but also the destination, and are the best way to explore and discover Europe.

Each of our customised motorcycle tours are carefully planned to ensure that you can enjoy the thrills and adventure of motorcycling in Europe, and each tour will leave you with a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Motorcycle Tours for 2018

Epic Alps Tour

Motorcycling in the Alps is an absolutely mind-blowing, not to be missed experience, and it is something that every motorcyclist needs to do – at least once.

Spain & Pyrenees Tour

Spain offers amazing motorcycling and some of the best locations in Europe.  The less busy Pyrenees mountains take you up passes and down through valleys that are deliciously curvy and drenched with greenery and history.

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