Spain and Pyrenees 2018

Spain & Pyrenees

13 nights

(September 2018 – Pricing & Dates till to be confirmed)

This Motorcycle Tour takes us through the Pyrenees mountain range in South-West Europe which separates France and Spain.  High up in the East end, in-between France and Spain, is the tiny independent and tax free principality of Andorra, where we will spend our first few nights, and from where we will begin to explore Spain and the excellent roads that the Pyrenees has to offer.

The beautiful roads that weave over the mountain passes and through the valleys are motorcycling heaven.  Less busy than the Alps, with longer, beautifully banked sweeping bends, more forgiving corners, smaller changes in altitude and much to see, motorcycling in the Pyrenees is like a dance, sometimes slow, sensual and beautiful, sometimes fast and wild, and then smooth and elegant, where you are at one with your motorcycle through sweep after sweep, this is an experience not to be missed.

Besides the excellent riding, many quaint stone hamlets, each with their own character and rich culture greet you in the countryside of an older and less visited Spain.  Stopping for coffee in the small charming villages and rough cobblestoned old towns is a unique and unrushed experience; with friendly people, delicious food and scenery that you will remember long after the tour is over.

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Barcelona – 30km

We will transfer from our hotel to the motorcycle rental station by coach at approximately 17h00, sign the necessary paperwork, collect our bikes and return to the hotel where we will prepare the bikes for our tour, and pack our clothing and odds and ends into the panniers, so that we are ready to leave after breakfast the next day.

Barcelona – Andorra – 250km

Spain-Pyrenees-HotelOur tour starts today, and we will head out of Barcelona towards Montserrat, where the mountain views of Catalunya are spectacular.  As soon as we can, we will get off the highway and take the sweeping roads towards Andorra, a tiny (468 sq. km) independent principality situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains.  Our entry to Andorra will be from the French side and we will ride Le Pas de la Case before arriving at the hotel.  Andorra will be our base for the next four nights.

Andorra – Outrides

As we will be using Andorra as a base and we won’t need to change hotels for the next few days, we can unpack, leave our pannier cases behind and enjoy the outrides or simply relax and chill in Andorra – the choice is yours.

Spain-Pyrenees-PassesAll of the outrides are optional, so you get to choose how much you want to ride for the next three days. For those that want to ride as much as possible, we will have three days of exciting outrides through Spain and France.

The rides will be at varied pace through the Pyrenees Mountains, offering views and scenery that are amazing. Along the route we will be able to stop for refreshments and light meals in beautiful small and authentic villages that take one back in time.

On our return to the hotel in the afternoons, we will relax and enjoy the hotel hospitality and facilities at our disposal.

Andorra to Bielsa, Spain – 300km

After our stay in Andorra, we continue our tour into Spain in the direction of La Seu dÚrghel and onto Sort via Alt Pirineu Natural Park, the largest natural park in Catalonia – Spain, with the highest peaks of the Pyrenees in Catalonia. Spain-Pyrenees-Village

We take the route less travelled to end our adventure today in Bielsa, where we check into a small and quaint hotel that serves excellent and traditional food of the region.  Our ride today crosses mountains and rivers, and is truly a dream for motorcyclists.

Bielsa, Spain to Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France – 350km

Today we ride from Spain into France where we will be overnight.  From Bielsa we enter the tunnel into France where we spend much of the day crisscrossing the Parc National des Pyrenees.

Spain-Pyrenees_Gosol-BikesWe will ride the famous Col du Tourmalet (part of the Tour de France route), and get to really appreciate how hard the cyclists work on these routes.  Stopping for coffee and a croissant is naturally the right thing to do in this area.

This will be our only night in France on this tour.

Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France to Limpias, Spain – 180km

Shortly after leaving our overnight stay we will cross the border and enter Spain.  We are heading towards Basque Country, and to get there we ride the beautiful and twisty Col dÍspeguy.

eu_bike_tours_limpiasOnce in Basque Country we ride through many National Parks and twisty roads as we make our way to Limpias. Some may choose to visit San Sebastian on route and enjoy some of the tapas bars of this seaside town. Tonight and tomorrow night we stay in a 19th Century Castle surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Limpias (Rest Day)

Today is a rest day, however, for those that want to ride, we have an outride planned to San Sebastian, a resort town on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque Country, where we will have lunch and explore Costa Vasca, which runs the length of Basque Country.Spain-Pyrenees-San-Sebastian

This area of Northern Spain is known for its cuisine (it is said that the restaurants of San Sebastian have more Michelin stars per head of population than Paris) with shell fish and other seafood being specialities – so, the right place to stop for lunch then!

Limpias to Yesa – 250km

We continue our journey in Basque Country and the Spanish Pyrenees.  Winding through the Basque Limestone Mountains we will cross several rivers and complete our journey in Yesa along the banks of the Aragon River.

Motorcycles-in-SpainTonight we stay in a working monastery where one can witness the monks chanting in the Cathedral.

Yesa to Ainsa (Labuerda) – 250km

Our ride today takes us to Ainsa in the South of the Pyrenees, via the Sierra Cañones de Guara Natural Park, which is a rugged mountain nature reserve in limestone landscape, known for canyoning and its rare birds of prey.

Spain-Pyrenees-Ainsa-3The town has an 11th century castle which we can visit in the afternoon if we have time.


Ainsa (Labuerda) to Oliana – 300km

Riding between mountain ravines, known as “barranco” in Spanish, will keep our interest as the roads sweep towards Oliana, situated in the Segre valley immediately below the Oliana reservoir.


We will take a ride to see the dam wall and enjoy refreshments in the quaint town.




Oliana to Barcelona – 150km

We will head back to Barcelona today.  Staying off the highway for as long as possible, we will use the smaller roads passing through glorious Spanish villages.  As we approach Barcelona the villages will become towns and then the big city of Barcelona.


We will drop off our luggage and pillions at the hotel, and then return the bikes to rental station and get a transfer back to hotel.

For those that want to, a trip into the city of Barcelona is well worth it.  For the best tapas head into the old city district of Ramblas and Gothica and explore this wonderful city.

Tour Summary

Spain and Pyrenees
Spain | Andorra | France |
September 2018 – Pricing & Dates still to be confirmed

  • Start / End  Barcelona, Spain
  • Total Distance  Approximately 3 200 km’s
  • Total Time  13 nights
  • Riding Days  12 (three optional rest days)
  • Rest Days  3
  • Breakfasts & Dinners  13 Breakfasts & 12 Dinners
  • Daily Mileage  Approximately 300 km’s
  • Weather  Long summer days with a possibility of some rain
  • Roads & Terrain  Tar roads with nice sweeping roads through the Pyrenees.
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